Empowering Your Health Journey

Discover the power of Whole You, our flagship app at Total Wellness Innovations, designed to revolutionize your healthcare journey. This app is not just a tool; it's your partner in navigating the complex world of health and wellness. With Whole You, you gain access to an ecosystem of features that work in harmony to support your health goals. From real-time health metric tracking to personalized treatment plans, Whole You ensures every aspect of your health is monitored, managed, and optimized.

Revolutionalizing healthcare

by empowering every patient to take charge of their own personal health journey with
  • Streamline monitoring for healthcare professionals with integration of clinical notes
  • Enhanced adherence through personalized action plans tailored to each patient​
  • Accessible medical content for health coaching​
  • Boosted patient engagement and education with targeted communication strategies​
...fostering a colloborative and empowered environment for health and wellness.

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Whole You App

At Total Wellness Innovations Inc., we are excited to introduce the Whole You app, a groundbreaking addition to our suite of healthcare technology solutions. Designed to empower patients, Whole You offers comprehensive health tracking, a gamified approach to wellness, and personalized, actionable healthcare items that encourage users to engage actively in their health management.

Whole You App: A Pioneering Step in Personalized Healthcare

  • Comprehensive health tracking for physical, mental, and nutritional well-being.
  • Actionable healthcare items, enabling users to make informed health decisions.
  • Gamified wellness experience, making health management engaging and fun.
  • Seamless integration with our proprietary APIs for real-time health data analysis.
The Whole You app sets itself apart by offering an unmatched user experience, deeply integrating various aspects of health and wellness. It stands out with its holistic approach, encompassing mental, physical, and nutritional health, and uniquely combines this with personalized, actionable healthcare insights.
As we gear up for an exciting phase, Whole You is preparing to launch pilot programs with direct primary care providers. These pilots aim to validate the app's effectiveness in real-world healthcare settings and refine its features for optimal user engagement and health outcomes.
We are committed to expanding Whole You's functionalities, enhancing AI-driven personal health recommendations, and broadening its integration with diverse healthcare systems and insurance providers. This expansion aims to make Whole You a universal tool for health management, accessible to a wider audience.
Whole You's revenue model encompasses subscription fees for users, strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, and payments from insurance companies aimed at lowering overall healthcare costs. This model aligns with our vision of making high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable.
The Whole You app is pivotal to our mission at Total Wellness Innovations Inc. It epitomizes our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare by offering technology-driven solutions that are not only user-centric but also empower patients to take an active role in managing their health.

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Jared Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer

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Lynn King

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James King

Chief Financial Officer

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Hari Athreya

Chief Medical Officer

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Our Mission

At Total Wellness Innovations Inc., we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare by empowering every individual to take charge of their personal health journey. Our mission is to harness cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare experiences, making them more accessible, engaging, and patient-centric. We focus on end-user patients of primary care providers, including direct primary care providers, ensuring that our solutions cater to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs. Our flagship product, the 'Whole You' app, epitomizes our dedication to innovation. It offers a unique gamified health experience that encompasses mental, physical, and nutritional aspects, among others, encouraging users to actively participate in and enjoy their healthcare process. This approach not only empowers patients but also ensures they are deeply involved in their own care. We uphold values of innovation, patient empowerment, integrity, and collaboration, believing these are crucial in reshaping the healthcare landscape. Our contribution extends beyond individual health, aiming to foster a healthier society where improved healthcare delivery and outcomes are a reality for all. In doing so, Total Wellness Innovations Inc. stands as a beacon of transformation in the healthcare industry, promoting a future where technology and personal empowerment go hand in hand for better health and wellness.

Our Vision

Our vision at Total Wellness Innovations Inc. is to empower patients across the globe to take control of their healthcare. We aspire to redefine the future of healthcare, creating a world where it is seamlessly integrated into daily life, personalized, and driven by user-friendly technology. This vision includes making health management a natural and enjoyable part of everyone’s routine. We aim to introduce innovative technologies that gamify health management and cover all aspects of well-being, including mental, physical, and nutritional health. Our commitment extends beyond current boundaries, as we plan to continually evolve, embracing new technologies and research. This includes expanding our reach to new areas of the world and integrating with every type of insurance and healthcare system, ensuring universal access and adaptability. We envision a society where every individual is equipped with the tools and knowledge to manage their health effectively, leading to improved global health standards and wellness. In this future, Total Wellness Innovations Inc. is not just a company, but a community leader and a trusted partner in health, supporting patients and healthcare providers alike, fostering a collaborative and empowered environment for health and wellness.

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